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samedi, 06 mars 2010

Honneurs de Green World

Les personnalités de Green World ont accordé des audiences à certaines personnalités politiques du monde.

nfzt_1.jpgDr. Li en compagnie Mr. Helmy Atamimi,

Président de la république d' Indonesie lors

de sa visite à Green World Tianjin



     Posing for a photograph after the fruitful discussion

  on the setting-up nfzt_2.jpgof production facilities and herbal plantation bases in South Carolina

with the delegation from the Department of Commerce of USA who

visited Green World Group in Tianjin. Flanking Dr. li are Mayor of

Greenville (on the left side of Dr. li ) and Mr. Johnson, our senior

                                            consultant of global strategic development


nfzt_3.jpgThe Delegation of the Health Ministry of Health and Outstanding

Distributors of Kazakstan Visited Green World Group in Tianjin




nfzt_4.jpgDr. Li posing for a photograph with Bill Clinton after

 being praised as the Outstanding Chinese American

during her post-doctorate study.




nfzt_5.jpgMr. Zhang posing for a photograph with Mr. Goodwill

Zwelithini, King of Zulu land after a fruitful discussion on

planting and sourcing herbs in the kingdom for the

production facilities to be built in RSA


nfzt_6.jpgMr. Zhang posing for a photograph at a State reception with Mr.

 Mubeki, President of the Republic of South Africa, after presenting

 the quality Green World herbal Produits to him.

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